Ping Bian Education Charity


1. About Us

As a leading, not-for-profit and independent organization, the Hope Project has been run by Commission of Pingbian County, Yunnan Province, China since the year of 1993. It is well recognized for helping educate the poor children and teenagers in communities and creating lasting change in the lives of children in need. The organization has been working closely with government, other organizations, and a variety of other local partners. The organization offers various ways interested international or national business and individuals can sponsor and support the help-educate-children projects.
With the consistent help and support of the Hope Project, the educational development in Pingbian County has experienced tremendous changes in the last 12 years. Approximately 2000 children and teenagers were financially supported and assisted by the organization, and 34 middle schools were set up with the generous financial sponsorship from the Hope Project.

2. Our Projects

The Hope Project which was set up and managed by Commission of Pingbian County aims at helping educate poor children and teenagers in the communities by collecting the public or private funding from different sources, including government, companies, international organizations, individuals etc. The Hope Project under the management of Commission of Pingbian County manages the financial sponsorship in accordance with national and organization regulations and rules.
Our projects include:
  • Sponsoring a child by choosing "1 +1" approach to funding a primary or secondary school students to complete their studies.
    Option 1: A financial donation fund of 400 RMB made by you helps sponsor one year full time study load in a primary school for a child.
    Option 2: A financial donation fund of 800 RMB made by you helps sponsor one year full time study load in a junior high school for a child.
    Option 3: A financial donation fund of 1000 RMB made by you helps sponsor one year full time study load in a senior high school for a child
  • Sponsoring a Hope Project School
    A financial donation fund of 300,000 RMB received from an individual sponsor or an organization is sufficient to help set up a primary school in a rural area; a donation of 500,000 RMB sourced from a sponsor is useful for reconstructing or increasing the size of a Hope Project primary school; a sponsorship of 800,000 RMB is good enough for establishing a new Hope Project primary school.
  • Donating clothes, books, computers
    You can choose to donate clothes, shoes, desks and chairs, laptops and computers and book to the children in need. You also can make a financial sponsorship to help establish a multimedia networking and information educational center for the children and teacher to use. The education center will be equipped with computers for students and instructor, computer desks, multimedia equipment set, TV sets.
  • Sponsoring a library in communities
    Your financial contribution and sponsorship to the Hope Project can also create a big and lasting changing to the library in our communities. With your sponsorship, the library will be supplied with an increasing number of books, magazines, textbooks, bookshelves, reading desks, operating board, TV set, DVD player.
  • Setting up your own funding program
    A special funding project can be created when an individual makes a financial sponsorship of 500,000RMB or an organization contributes 1,000,000 RMB.

3. List of Students for Sponsorship

Click here

4. Who sponsored

Click below to learn about some of the children and the work sponsors support
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For more information on donation, click here

5. Ways to Donate

1) You can choose to donate a Hope Primary School.
2) You can choose to "1 +1" approach to funding a primary or secondary school students to complete their studies.
3) You can contribute to help build “Hope Internet School”
4) You can donate to help the construction of "love hope forest”

6. Donation Methods

Bank Transfer
Bank Name: Agricultural Bank of China Pingbian County Branch
Account Name: China Communist Youth League Pingbian Miao Autonomous County Committee
Account number: 24269601040003528

Post Office Remittances or Telegraphic Transfer
Remittance Address: Yunnan Pingbian Mission county Engineering Office (first floor of the county complex)
Postal Code: 661 200

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Contact Us
Telephone & Fax: (86)873-3221808
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